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Required Courses




Course Description

Research Methodology


This course aims at providing students with research techniques and skills for analyzing quantitative data that may be required for their individual research project, the publication of the research and an academic career. The emphasis is on practical uses of SPSS and AMOS software tools in order to discover and prove new scientific facts and relationships.

International Business Management


The Challenges of Globalization places culture and globalization front and center to motivate and enable students to grasp difficult conceptual material.

The course covers a wide range of financial issues. The theoretical foundations are further discussed including CAPM, APT, MM theory, cost of capital , dividend policy, etc.

International Marketing Management

3 credits

This course is designed to introduce students to international/global marketing and branding as viewed through the lens of Taiwan's brands and companies.

Corporate Finance

3 credits

The class focuses on setting out the basic principles of financial management and applying them to the main decisions faced by the financial manager. The content covers the fundamental concepts of financial management, pricing on financial assets, discounted cash flows techniques, capital budgeting evaluation methods, capital asset pricing model, the measure of financial leverage, cost of capital, capital structure theory, dividend policy.

Operation & Management of Financial Institution

3 credits

The course emphasizes the operation, regulation, and risk of financial institutions. It focuses the practical applications and the discussions of current monetary issues.

Quantitative Analysis in Finance

3 credits

This course aims to provide students with a variety of time-series methods frequently used in finance research. They include ARDL, ARMA, ARIMA, unit-root tests, VAR, co-integration tests, VECM, Granger-causality tests, IRF, FEVD, ARCH, GARCH, and the GARCH family. This course is designed to develop students’ competence in time-series data analysis for their thesis research.