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Department of Banking and Finance

【Mission Statement】

The Department of Banking and Finance at Chinese Cultural University offers degree programs to examine the principles of financing and investment decisions and their impact across a broad range of contemporary management concerns. The program is structured to provide financial professionals with the knowledge and proficiency to create sophisticated solutions to financial problems, improve investment decision-making, develop strategic financial objectives, and seize new business opportunities.

International for International Students

International Student Admission 外國學生招生入學

Chinese Culture University offers degree programs to international students who hold foreign passport and accept applicants who meet the admission requirements of CCU and the Ministry of Education (MOE website: http://english.moe.gov.tw/).
We offer bachelor's degrees in 62 academic areas. After completing bachelor’s degree, you can continue to pursue higher education. CCU also offer master’s degrees in 41 academic areas and doctoral degrees in 10 academic areas. Some programs are fully available in English to allow international students study in an English environment, in line with international standards, and thus enhance their international competitiveness.
Under the influence of Chinese culture, CCU will lead you to obtain a degree and improve your Chinese language skills! No matter what future you dream of - whether it’s in science, business, agriculture, journalism and communication, the arts or public service— you can make that dream a reality at CCU.


Department of Banking and Finance brings together academics who teach finance-related topics. The department's focus is to create a high-quality learning environment. The teaching topics include quantitative investment analysis,  financial marketing, investment management and financial technology cooperation. The department's curriculum is adjusted each year to the rapid developments in the financial industry. The department's courses prepare students to face the challenges of future financial development after graduation.

【About the B.S. Program】

The Department of Banking and Finance at Chinese Cultural University was established with the primary objective of studying contemporary finance-related theories and practices. Our goal is to foster the education and training of skilled finance professionals who will contribute significantly to the economic development of the country. The department offers a robust academic system that includes daytime undergraduate courses in Banking & Finance, Financial Marketing, and Digital Finance. We also provide a Continuing Education Undergraduate Program, and a Master's in Science (M.S.) Program.

A. Banking & Finance
B. Financial Marketing
C. Digital Finance

About the M.S. Program

The Department of Banking and Finance at Chinese Culture University has taken proactive measures to align with the growing trends in financial technology and the internationalization of the field. In 2010, the department introduced the Master's degree program in International Business Administration (Program of Banking and Finance) and subsequently established the Master's degree program in Banking and Finance in 2011. This expansion also involved the recruitment of international students in the Master program.
The Master's program not only promotes cutting-edge financial academic research but also places a strong emphasis on advancing modern financial theory and practice. By integrating both academic research and industry practice, the program aims to cultivate modern financial talents who possess financial literacy and demonstrate professional competencies.