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Yi-Hsien Wang


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Professor & Director


Yi-Hsien Wang



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  1. Jui-Cheng Hung, Matthew Chang, Jung-Bin Su, Yi-Hsien Wang, Li-Ju Chien “The Impact of Liquidity on Portfolio Value-at-Risk Forecasts,” Applied Economics, accepted (SSCI & Econlit)
  2. Hai-Yen Chang, Kuang-Hsun Shih, Yi-Hsien Wang, Li-Ju Chien “An Analysis on Market Reaction to Mobile Payment Adoption: Comparison between Financial and Non-financial Industry,” International Journal of Mobile Communications, accepted (SSCI)
  3. Chung-Chu Chuang, Yi-Hsien Wang and Tsai-Jung Yeh “Comparing Hedging Effectiveness of Portfolios in the Greater Chinese Stock Exchanges: Evidence from a modified Value-at-risk model,” Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, accepted. (SSCI)
  4. Shu-Shian Lin, Fu-Ju Yang, Fu-Ming Lai and Yi-Hsien Wang (2019) “Comparative Analysis of Preannouncement Effect of New Products and Market Reaction,” International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, 30(1), 87-97. (EI, TSSCI & Scopus)
  5. Kuang-Hsun Shih, Le-Ying Liu, Fu-Ming Lai, Yi-Hsien Wang (2019) “Comparative Analysis of the Information Effect of M&As among Click-and-Mortar Activities,” Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy, 14(1), 49-68. (EconLit, ABI)
  6. Yi-Hsien Wang, Kuang-Hsun Shih, Je-Wei Jang (2018) “Relationship among Weather Effects, Investors' Moods and Stock Market Risk: An Analysis of Bull and Bear Markets in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong,” Panoeconomicus, 65(2), 239-253. (SSCI & Econlit)
  7. Yi-Hsien Wang, Hsin Hui Yeh and Kuang-Hsun Shih (2018) “Effect of New Service Modes were Introduced to Banking Industry: A Comparative Analysis of Internet and Mobile Banking,” International Journal of Mobile Communications, 16(3), 328-340 (SSCI)
  8. Hai-Yen Chang, Fu-Ju Yang, Yi-Hsien Wang and Yi-Cheng Lien (2017) “Information Effect from Hostile Takeover?,” International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, 28(4), 353-365. (EI, TSSCI & Scopus)
  9. Wan-Rung Lin, Yi-Hsien Wang, and Kuang-Hsun Shih (2017) “Understanding consumer adoption of mobile commerce and payment behavior: An empirical analysis,” International Journal of Mobile Communications, 15(6), 628-654. (SSCI)
  10. Yi-Hsien Wang, Wan-Rung Lin, Shu-Shian Lin and Jui-Cheng Hung (2017) “How Does Patent Litigation Influence Dynamic Risk for Market Competitors?,” Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 23(5), 780-793. (SSCI)
  11. Lai V. Vo, Huong T.T. Le, Danh V. Le, Tuan M. Phung, Yi-Hsien Wang and Fu-Ju Yang(2017) “Customer Satisfaction and Corporate Investment Policies,” Journal of Business Economics and Management, 18(2), 202-223. (SSCI & Econlit)
  12. Yao-Hsien Lee, Yi-Hsien Wang, Mei-Yu Lee (2017) “Big Data Analysis of Foreign Exchange Rates among Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan,” International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics, 7(4), 399-410. (Econlit & Scopus)
  13. Wan-Rung Lin, Fu-Ju Yang, Yi-Hsien Wang and Elsa Peraro (2016) “Key Factors to Affect the Adoption of Mobile Banking in the Philippines,” International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, 27(4), 339-362. (EI, TSSCI & Scopus)

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