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Kai-Wen Lien


Job Title

Assistant Professor


Kai-Wen Lien


Da En Building 1007-6

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Journal Papers

  1. Chen,Y.Y., Lee,Y.J., Lien,K.W., Chen,T.Y.(2019). “Customized Panorama System for Wayfinding and Walkthrough.” JOURNAL OF INTERNET TECHNOLOGY, v20(5),1649-1656, SCI.
  2. Yih-Jiun Lee and Kai-Wen Lien, “Script : An Operational Semantics for Grid Computing Modeling,” International Journal of Advanced Information Technologies (IJAIT), June, 2011.
  3. Y.J. Lee, Yuh-Chang Wei and K.W. Lien, “Making the Internet Search as a Smarter Service: based on Taiwanese Searching Preferences,” AISS: Advances in Information Science and Service Sciences, April, 2011. (EI)

Conference Papers

  1. Lee, Y.J., Lien, K.W. (2019, September). Reconstruct Programming 101 for Social Science Preference Students. IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (ICCE-TW). 2019, Taiwan.
  2. Gan, C.C., Lee, Y.J., Lien, K.W. (2018, August). An Indoor Position System Based on Dynamic Digital Signage and Mobile Devices. 1st International Cognitive Cities Conference (IC3), Okinawa, Japan.
  3. Lien, K.W., Lee, Y.J. (2017, April). A Tailored IoT-based Telerehabilitation Environment for Breast Cancer Patients. International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology (e-CASE & e-Tech 2017), Kyoto City, Japan.
  4. Lee, Y.J., Chou C.C., Wang P.C., Lien, K.W. (2016, September). Ambient Air Alert Services based on Tailored Health Communication. Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) 2016, Hawaii, USA.
  5. Chou, C.C., Lee, Y.J., Hsiao H.C., Wang P.C., Lien, K.W. (2016, July). iAnnounce - A Ubiquitous Campus Smart Board System. International Conference on Business and Information (BAI 2016), Nagoya, Japan.

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